Divergent Protocol

A feedback process involving speech synthesis and automatic transcription.

Kalles Fraktaler with GMP

Using third-party libraries for acceleration.

Coupled continuous cellular automata

Patterns similar to multi-layer reaction diffusion systems.

Emergent Protocol

Audio feedback process inspired by Deep Dream.

Inflector Gadget v0.2

Double precision using OpenGL 4 to avoid postpone ugly artifacts.

Audioblast Festival #5

Networked diffusion of experimental, drone, noise, field recording, sound poetry, electronics...

Structurally equivalent Latin squares

Canonicalization over symmetries allows them to be counted.

Thoughts on [expr~]

Possible ways to reduce overhead?

Inflector Gadget

Inflection mapping for complex quadratic polynomials.

Oscillator crisis resolved

Velocity Verlet integration beats Runge-Kutta 4/5 for energy conservation.

Coupled oscillator crisis

An experiment that failed with an energetic explosion.

Realtime Monotone

Optimized histogram lookup by reducing excess precision.

Monotone at MADATAC 08

January 12th to February 5th, Centro Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain.

Rollover 2017

Another arbitrary counter rolls over, hooray.