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In the early 1980s, industrial research super-computers were used to generate images of the Mandelbrot set, the most famous mathematical fractal. With the advances afforded by Moore’s law, the 1 gigaflops of the 1980s super-computer is now (in the early 2020s) left behind by consumer hardware over 100 times faster. Benoit B. Mandelbrot’s ideas about roughness at all scales being a relevant way to describe and quantify shapes found in nature quickly found their way to the art world. With limitless visualizations of chaos and the infinite, the question now becomes: where do you want to go today? The fractal explorer bot Rodney attempts to automate an answer, using mathematical models to quantify fractal image aesthetics it navigates to places it considers beautiful, and hopefully the humans watching may agree.

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Flags can be added to the command line like --flag argument, or to the URL like ?flag=argument.




2021-05-01 “Go West Young Man”, Dezoomber / FAB Co.Lab

Dezoomber 2020 generator extended for Co.Lab Sound at Fringe Arts Bath 2021.

online at:

changes include:


2020-10-28 “Big Brother”, Generative Unfoldings prototype

online at:

submitted to:

MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology Generative Unfoldings Call for Sketches/Prototypes

“How can artist-programmers working in the field of computer-generated art make unique contributions to the current discussion of artificial intelligence (AI)?”

rodney – autonomous fractal exploration bot

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