# EarthMoonSun

EarthMoonSun was published in Taper #12: Tools, Spring 2024.

EarthMoonSun is a 12-letter word.

A visualization of the lights in the sky.

Allow location permissions for local sights. Otherwise, a default location is used: Greenwich Observatory, London, United Kingdom.

Horizontal axis: time (-24 hours to +24 hours). Vertical red line is now.

Vertical axis: altitude (-1 to +1). Horizontal green line is the horizon (Earth).

Blue curve is the Moon.

Yellow curve is the Sun.

The display updates once every minute.

Calculations adapted from Keith Burnett’s JavaScript implementation of algorithms from Montenbruck and Pfleger’s “Astronomy on the Personal Computer” second English edition, originally presented by those authors in the Pascal programming language: https://www.sohcahtoa.org.uk/kepler/js_sunrise_moonrise.html (Accessed 2023-12-27 15:30 GMT).

# 1 Screenshot

For archival purposes only.

EarthMoonSun screenshot