# exwhyscope


# 1 what

A simple XY-scope using JACK for audio input and OpenGL for video output.

Now also an XY control surface: the mouse cursor position is output to JACK. Note: loud, low frequency, with strong DC offsets: not for audio device.

# 2 but

There are other software oscilloscopes supporting JACK, but I couldn’t find one with XY mode.

# 3 get


git clone https://code.mathr.co.uk/exwhyscope.git

# 4 build


# 5 run

jack_connect system:capture_1 exwhyscope:in_1_x
jack_connect system:capture_2 exwhyscope:in_1_y
jack_connect exwhyscope:out_x synth:in_cv_1
jack_connect exwhyscope:out_y synth:in_cv_2

# 6 how

You can use it as a regular oscilloscope by putting a timebase signal in to an X input. All inputs are assumed to be normalized in the range -1 to +1.

# 7 config

The window size, JACK client name, and input channels (8 XY pairs in different programmer colours) are hardcoded for now. Edit the source code and recompile to change them.