# m-perturbator-gtk

A Mandelbrot set explorer using GTK, with many features for annotating with (pre)periods, rays, regions, etc.

# 1 Source Code


git clone https://code.mathr.co.uk/mandelbrot-perturbator.git

# 2 Videos

# 2.1 Parallel Evolution

1920x1080p30 MP4 22MB, 6m10s, no sound

Parameters: MP TOML (23KB)

Screencast of a session with my m-perturbator-gtk Mandelbrot set explorer, trying out some zooming techniques I learned from Parallel Evolution by DinkydauSet. No sound.

Not shown: subsequently I tried to go deeper, but ended up with unnavigable fantasy fractals, presumably because the perturbed \(|z|^2\) underflowed the range of double precision floating point. So I probably need to adjust my thresholds and switch to the long double number type sooner (at 1e-150 instead of 1e-300), and likewise the switch from long double to floatexp (from 1e-4920 to 1e-2460).