My name is Claude Heiland-Allen. I'm from London, UK. I'm interested in art, computers, free software, maths, science. Here are some of my projects.


I keep a blog of various things that I'm up to. You can visit it here: The blog is implemented in a static site generator of my own creation, called cmcms. You can find that on my code hosting.

Sometimes when I don't feel like blogging I just upload files without comments here:

I have a microblog at:


I code a lot. You can find some of my git repositories here:


I perform live music by coding in the C programming language, to manipulate audio processing callbacks. You can find out more about it here:

To help me debug my code, I made a simple XY oscilloscope:


I'm fascinated by the Mandelbrot set. I wrote a renderer using OpenGL, but it's not very good. You can find it here:

I also forked Kalles Fraktaler 2 to make it compile on Linux with mingw, use GMP for faster calculations, and add many other improvements. You can find my version here:

I made Inflector Gadget to prototype Julia morphing:

I used numerical algorithms and special rendering techniques to create smoothly looping animations:

I sonified a comparison of rendering algorithms:

Some unsorted images and other bits and pieces can be found here:


The Mandelbrot set is not the only interesting fractal, and Kalles Fraktaler 2 + can render other fractals too.

I wrote a paper about the Burning Ship (with techniques that can be applied, even automatically, to other fractal formulas):

I am working on a fractal explorer with a runtime formula compiler, but it's not really ready to use yet. But if you are on Linux and know how to Haskell, you could try it (otherwise there are some pictures and videos):

I made an audio-visual sliding tile puzzle automaton:

I made an automatic hybrid fractal explorer bot named Rodney: To see the latest version running in your web browser:

I made an audio-visual iterated function system video:

I am working on an interactive audio-visual graph-directed iterated function system installation:

I made a zoom video assembler that works from exponential map strip keyframes:


I wrote a techno generator in Pure-data:

I occasionally perform with my graphical untyped lambda calculus interactive interpreter:

I made a dynamic audio-visual crystal:

I spent some time exploring reaction-diffusion systems, these projects are archived here:


I make a small amount from these things you can buy:

An abstract colouring book based on reaction-diffusion Turing patterns:

An abstract calendar for 2018 based on integer sequences containing the number 2018:

A week-per-view diary for 2019 with abstract grids for drawing on or colouring:

Or you can donate via

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