The Mandelbrot set is the world's most famous fractal, formed by those points \(c\) in the complex plane whose iteration under \(z \to z^2 + c\) remains bounded. Being a fractal, parts of the set look like the whole, and parts of those parts also look like the original parts, and the whole (in turn). Only the decorating filaments differ, but they can be pruned using mathematical algorithms.

The mandelgifs project generates smoothly looping animations zooming into the Mandelbrot set. Implemented with home-made software including the artist's ongoing mandelbrot-numerics and mandelbrot-symbolics projects, images are rendered within the Fragmentarium environment for OpenGL shader development.


Five images from the series are presented here:

Technical Requirements

Provided by the Artist

animated GIF image files (via ZIP download from artist's website)

Required from the Venue

all hardware and/or software needed to display the GIFs