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mdz is a Mandelbrot Set explorer and image renderer. The Mandelbrot Set is perhaps the most famous fractal.

Unlike other similar software for Linux (as far as I am aware), mdz is the only application that allows you to zoom in deeper than your hardware's native floating point support allows. MDZ uses the GMP and MPFR libraries for multiple-precision floating-point computations to allow deep exploration of the M-Set beyond where ordinary precision floating-point calculations fall apart.


NEWS - 3rd February 2021 has gone away. This site ( is copied from the Internet Archive, with minor additions and the images in the gallery re-rendered where possible (the Internet Archive only saved a very few). Small images (64kpixels) were rendered with MDZ, to verify colour matching with the high resolution images (8Mpixels with 5x5 supersampling for antialiasing) rendered with Kalles Fraktaler 2 +.

As JWM says:

I abandoned MDZ as soon as I started using Kalles Fraktaler with Wine in Linux. Using MDZ is like using a road roller to travel round the world.

Kalles Fraktaler 2 + is a fast deep zooming fractal explorer using perturbation and series approximation techniques to accelerate rendering.

I wrote a Bash script to convert (some) MDZ parameter files to KFR parameter files, preserving palettes where possible. If the script does not work on your parameter file, try loading it in the latest MDZ (from github) and save it again.

Usage: < in.mdz > out.kfr


-- Claude Heiland-Allen [claude at mathr dot co dot uk]

NEWS - 31st January 2017

Has it really been this long?

I'm currently working on a few new features to make MDZ a little more user friendly and/or improve workflow. Initially began as a few minor bug fixes then moved onto a few fixes for irritations. Essentially this stuff is low hanging fruit and nothing exciting.

A release should turn up at some point but until then, checkout the git repo.

NEWS - 20th November 2010

mdz-0.1.1 fixes a couple of problems by removing a minor feature which probably went unotticed by all but the most technical and inquisitive minds. mdz-0.1.1 now forces all images to be saved in the RGB format. Older versions only saved to RGB format if colour-interpolation or anti-aliasing were in use. Forcing RGB format in the saved image fixes some problems related to limitations in palette indexes.

NEWS - 15th November 2010

Another new feature release - archive/mdz-0.1.0 goes against my previous statements of MDZ never rendering any other fractal type than the Mandelbrot Set. This new release includes 3 fractals new to MDZ. These are the Burning Ship fractal, Generalized Celtic, and a variation of the Generalized Celtic I decided to call "Variant".

archive/mdz-0.1.0 also makes available a slightly faster multi-precision maths mode which uses GMP instead of MPFR. GMP may not produce as high-quality images as MPFR and for that reason, MPFR rendering is still available by selecting the "Correct Rounding" mode.

Finally, a fix worth mentioning is for when duplicate is used (from the file menu) or zoom-in-new-window is used. Both of these invoke a new instance of MDZ like they always have done, but now they don't loose image dimensions, anti-aliasing settings, or threads settings.

NEWS - 11th November 2010

mdz 0.0.9 screenshot

A new feature release - archive/mdz-0.0.9 adds improvements to the colour palette manipulation dialogs. Gone are the colour-scaling, random-palette, function-palette, and colour-cycling dialogs, and in comes one single tabbed notebook dialog along with a display of all the colours in the palette. The palette display can be dragged with the image updated as the colours are dragged for fine tuning of the palette offset position.

The introduction of the draggable colour display has caused an incompatibility* between mdz-0.0.9 MDZ settings files and older versions of MDZ. However, older MDZ settings files are compatible with mdz-0.0.9.

*The incompatibility is a result of now using an offset value for colour cycling instead of the old way of changing every colour in the palette.

MDZ Features

mdz is on where you can subscribe to receive notification when mdz is updated.

There is also an mdz source repository at though it's mainly for backup.

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