# Drought

When mud dries out, it shrinks. When mud shrinks, it cracks. Cracks in mud increase surface area. Increased surface area accelerates drying. The mud turns to dust and vanishes on the breeze.

Emergent fractal from a pseudo-physical model based on a mesh of particles and links.

Part of PikselXX online(?) exhibition/screening(?). It was in the programme in some form or other at least.

Implemented in C with Cairo for graphics. Source code: https://code.mathr.co.uk/fractal-bits/blob/b8bb27c18b1dd7015eb56819d7fce34928024caf:/desiccate/desiccate.c

# 1 Video

1920x1080p60 MP4 (120MB), 10m26s, no sound