# Fractals

Fractals are patterns which have details on all scales. A lot of my artistic and research time is spent on them.

See also pages about the Mandelbrot set, probably the most famous fractal.

# 1 Tools

Fraktaler 3

A cross-platform fast deep zoomer for hybrid escape time fractal graphics.


A tool to reproject exponential map keyframes into zoom videos.

Inflector Gadget

Inflector gadget for Julia morphing.


Compute multifractal spectrum of 2D HDR images.

Kalle’s Fraktaler 2 +

My fork of Kalle’s Fraktaler, a fast deep zoomer for escape time fractal graphics like the Mandelbrot set and Burning Ship, and is probably my most widely used software for fractals. For Windows, works in Wine. No longer updated.


Escape time fractals powered by a formula compiler. No longer updated.

# 2 Theory

Distance Estimation for Hybrid Escape Time Fractals

A distance estimate for hybrid fractals with iteration behaviour like \(z \to a z^p\).

At The Helm Of The Burning Ship

Conference paper and slides.

Lyapunov Space Of Coupled FM Oscillators

Conference paper and slides.

# 3 Artworks


Abstract fractal snowflakes using an iterated function system.

Burning Ship

A gallery of embedded Julia sets.


A new fractal zoom video every day in the month of dezoomber.

Escape Time Hybrids

Fractal art book.


Interactive audio-visual graph-directed iterated function system fractal installation.

Haystack Situations

Find the needle in icosahedral haystacks.


Hybrid escape time fractal video loop.


Iterated function system fractal audio-visual video loop.


Audio-visual sliding tile puzzle.


An autonomous fractal explorer bot.


A fractal whirlpool using an iterated function system of Möbius transformations.

# 4 Change Log

  1. 2024-02-08 B15
  2. 2024-01-31 Burning Ship
  3. 2024-01-31 Buddhabrot
  4. 2023-12-07 Whirlpool
  5. 2023-12-05 Flame
  6. 2023-09-24 Inflector Gadget
  7. 2023-07-29 FractInt
  8. 2023-07-14 Fraktaler 3
  9. 2023-05-16 Ten Dust Tree
  10. 2023-04-26 Puzzle
  11. 2023-04-26 GraphGrow
  12. 2023-03-20 Distance Estimate
  13. 2023-03-12 Multibrot
  14. 2023-03-09 z→z²+cz⁵
  15. 2023-01-26 Haystack Situations