# The Ant With 22 Legs

Historical Mandelbrot zoom.

A zoom into a location in the Mandelbrot set, coordinates originally published in the Amygdala newsletter issue 7. Iteration counts above 256 (the original dwell limit) are coloured red, pixels are shaded by distance estimate.

Making this video took a few minutes wall-clock time on modern hardware (AMD Ryzen 2700X CPU, AMD RX 580 GPU).

Exponential map keyframes rendered with Fraktaler-3 every 2x zoom factor at 12288x1360 with 1 sample per pixel, reprojected to 1920x1080p60 video with 100 samples per pixel using Zoomasm-4 (prerelease). Iteration limit was 10M total, 10k steps, using bilinear approximation for acceleration.

# 1 Video

1920x1080p60 MP4 (71 MB), 1m00s, no sound

Parameters: F3 TOML / ZA TOML / ZA GLSL