# Creamed Whip

Hybrid fractal deep zoom music video.

Image shows stretched areas, colloquially known as “whipped cream”, especially in the context of the 3D Mandelbulb fractal.


z := z^2 + c
u + i v := z^2
z := (u + i |v|) * z + c

In terms of F3v2’s opcodes: sqr add ; store sqr absy mul add (c is pixel coordinates; repeat until escape to infinity or maximum iterations reached)

Coordinates of final frame:

+ i 0.3566693315646752749199365248631017522785154538079621674711841359451236225072200116387665883130703642552724475299313264902
@ 1e110 magnification

Fractal calculations performed with Fraktaler 3 version 2 (prerelease). Zoom sections assembled with Zoomasm version 4 (prerelease). Other sections assembled with ffmpeg. Sections combined with mkvmerge. Soundtrack made with Clive and Audacity 3.2.4.

# 1 Video

1920x1080p60 MP4 805MB, 6m38s, stereo sound