# Separated Perpendicular

# 1 Improved

1920x1080p60 MP4 (581MB), 2m35s, stereo sound

  • glitches fixed by manually re-rendering those keyframes with a different main reference
  • interior cleaned up by clamping iterations to the limit
  • higher resolution and framerate
  • soundtrack

Need to figure out why the glitches were not detected by Pauldelbrot’s criterion, even when the threshold was set to very strict levels.

Software: kf (rendering fractal keyframes), zoomasm (assembling zoom video), rodney (sonification), audacity (noise reduction, compression, paulstretch), fdkaac libx264 ffmpeg (encoding)

# 2 Glitched

640x360p25 MP4 (75MB), 2m35s, no sound

Separated Perpendicular WIP fractal for KF-next. Problems:

  • the interior at the start is not clean
  • there are glitches at some deep minis and embedded Julia set echoes

Hopefully not hard to fix.

Meanwhile I solved the harder problem of getting perturbation to work correctly for this formula, even with the SIMD code path; derivatives for analytic distance estimation, and OpenCL support, are still on the TODO list.

Credits: the location is zoomed in from a formula and coordinates originally posted by Mr Rebooted https://fractalforums.org/kalles-fraktaler/15/found-another-precision-limit-issue/4384/msg30198#msg30198