# lockaccum

Hybrid fractal zoom music video.

video: hybrid escape time fractal, calculated in fraktaler-3, coloured in zoomasm

naudio: edited jam with OctaMED in an Amiga emulator (modifying samples during playback)

a custom colouring shader has its uniform variables sequenced in the new timeline editor in zoomasm 4 (unreleased work in progress) (previous versions of zoomasm could only sequence zoom depth).

formula: mandelbrot power 2 / burning ship power 3

location.real = "-1.0589046633639799097382129669567596"
location.imag = "-0.099601281008368272220248693297254359"
location.zoom = "1e24"
bailout.iterations = 1048576

# 1 Video

STROBE WARNING contains flashing images at 2m14s-2m36s and 5m16s-5m32s

1920x1080p60 MP4 893MB, 5m54s, stereo sound