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Going offline...

Tomorrow is the last day of moving: bed, desk, and computer. Moving the computer means I'll be offline, but having already ordered broadband it won't be too long - I'm scheduled to have internet at my flat starting some time during 15th June.

I watched Bedazzled again today, while setting up some stuff and doing a bit of decorating. Good film, and I think it's going to be released on DVD later this year (I recorded my copy from TV).

I've decided to use gnucash to manage my finances, given that so far in my life my expenditure has been fairly small I don't have much experience of budgeting. Now I have lots of expenses: rent, food, gas, electricity, water, council tax, tv license, phone line, internet access, tobacco, ... . And I want to spend money on fun stuff! Gnucash was really confusing at first, but I think I understand how it works now. Double entry bookkeeping, but with some weird things like scheduled transactions.

Meanwhile the CMHT is moving, and they want some artwork for the new building, so I've started a piece similar to this evolution of a 1d cellular automaton but larger (about 16.5" square) and with less evil colours. If they don't want it, I'll stick it on my wall.

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