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Fixed-point numerics revisited

A clever trick and a cleverer trick.

Cardioid and bulb checking

Quick interior checks for Mandelbrot set escape time acceleration.

Counting artificial neural networks

Given the total count of weights, how many shapes can the network have?

Deep zoom theory and practice (again)

Perturbation with rebasing, and bilinear approximation, for efficient rendering of fractal images.

Low precision high range numerics

A comparison of floating point implementations.

Atom domains and Newton basins

A counter-example to a conjecture.

Perturbing Nova

Affine-conjugation to move the critical point to 0 to avoid precision loss.

Generalized series approximation

Using a computer algebra system to explore patterns.

External ray tracing

In which various initial guesses for Newton's method are tested.

Old Wood Dish

Analysis of a fractal artwork by JWM.

Deep zoom theory and practice

Perturbation and rescaling for efficient rendering of fractal images.

Optimizing zoom animations again

Finding the optimal zoom ratio when reusing the center portion.

Spider algorithm with a path

Pull back a path from iterates of \(\theta\) to find \(c_{\theta}\).

Slow mating of quadratic Julia sets

Gluing two \(z^2+c\) quadratic Julia sets sometimes gives a \(\frac{z^2+a}{z^2+b}\) rational Julia set.

Fixed-point numerics

An arbitrary number of limbs before and after the point, for higher precision within a limited range.

EVA London

Conference paper: At the Helm of the Burning Ship


An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram, designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional scene from a two-dimensional image.

Implementing a 4-pole hi/lo DJ filter

Morphing a Butterworth filter between low pass and high pass.

Newton's method for periodic points

Rejecting lower periods by division, instead of checking later.

Series approximation for the Burning Ship

A small region bouncing around the dynamical plane seldom touches an axis.

Unskewing the Burning Ship

Based on the size estimate for mini-ships, use derivative matrices to calculate optimal viewing transformation.

Enumeration of Misiurewicz points

How to determine the number of Misiurewicz points of a given (pre)period in the Mandelbrot Set.

Non-uniform sampling

Scattering aliasing across the spectrum as white noise instead of folded frequency peaks.

Perturbation algebra

A collection of rules for deriving perturbed iterations.

Polar decomposition in 2D

Decomposing a 2x2 matrix into scale rotate and stretch.

Log-polar graph paper

Fading between levels of detail to avoid huge scale differences and sharp edges.

Möbius transformations and the Riemann sphere

Sphere rotations correspond to certain elliptic Möebius transformations, which can be interpolated in a Bézier fashion.

Misiurewicz domain coordinates and size estimates

Do the same for Misiurewicz domains as has recently been done for atom domains.

Atom domain coordinates

Coordinates within an atom domain surrounding a periodic nucleus in the Mandelbrot set.

Efficent automated Julia morphing

Nucleus finding, Misiurewicz point finding, and a bit of guesswork, combine for successful O(period) automatic Julia morphing.

A more accurate elliptic variation

Improving image quality by avoiding catastrophic cancellations.

GULCII in Edinburgh

Untyped lambda calculus performance and seminar

Approximating hyperbolic tangent

Computing Padé approximants isn't so hard after all.

Approximate self-similarity

Approximate self-similarity of baby Mandelbrot sets.

Asymptotic self-similarity

Asymptotic self-similarity about Misiurewicz points in the Mandelbrot set.

Periodicity scan revisited

Borrowing from Mandel's "algorithm 9".

On the precision required for size estimates

Worst-case guess improved by a factor of 8.

Filtered atom domains

Highlighting previously invisible periodic properties in the Mandelbrot set.

Structurally equivalent Latin squares

Canonicalization over symmetries allows them to be counted.

Rollover 2017

Another arbitrary counter rolls over, hooray.

Deriving the size estimate

How they did it, as far as I can tell.

Calendar 2015 - Lung

Interlocking space filling curves.

OEIS Diagrams

Five diagrams on the number 70.

Finding parents in the Farey tree

An application of the extended Euclidean algorithm.

Approximating cosine (update)

Claims of total superiority were premature.

Fractal dimension of Julia sets

A familiar picture emerges.

Plastic rectangles

The non-trivial partitioning of a square into 3 similar rectangles.

PI in the Mandelbrot Set

Notes on a conjecture of Aaron Klebanoff.

Collatz fractal

Piecewise integer recurrence translated to complex function.

Complex squaring

Benchmarking three different implementations.

Simpler series approximation

When thinking a bit harder beats elaborate computer code.

Julia morphing symmetry

Rotation numbers in angled internal addresses are significant.

Code generation for series approximation

Parallel loops for coefficient recursions.

Automated Julia morphing

Extrapolating external angle patterns

Floating point with extended exponent range

For when you need really big numbers without high precision.

Möbius Infinity

Square cross-section lemniscate of Bernoulli, with a twist.

Approximating cosine

9th order polynomial is both faster and more accurate than table lookup.

Biquad conversions

pole-zero -vs- direct form 2 -vs- pure-data

Modes on a plate

Solving sparse eigensystems with Octave.

Interpolating Moebius transformations

Using 2x2 matrix diagonalisation.

Misiurewicz domains

An extension of atom domains to preperiodic points.

Newton's method for Misiurewicz points

Rejecting lower preperiods instead of checking later.

External angles of Misiurewicz points

Numerical investigations, hoping for a combinatorial revelation.

A ball bouncing down steps

Physical modelling.

Converting fractions to strings of digits

With integer, preperiodic, and periodic parts.

Clockpunch Theorems

Do the hands of clockpunch ever form a regular hexagon?

Perturbation glitches

Rebasing from a reference point.

Mandelbrot Notebook

Handwritten notes on various properties.

Haystack Situations podcast

Your daily dose.

Stretching cusps

Conformal mapping using Möbius transformations.


Interleaved dither patterns.

Distance estimation for voting simulation visualisation

Applying a technique used for fractal rendering.

Atom domain size estimation

A series of approximations result in a simple formula.


A cube of cubes that can be turned inside out.

Islands in the hairs

Exploring external angles.



Haystack Situations trailer

Haystack Situations trailer

Distance estimation for IFS fractals

Derived from continuous escape time.

Lyapunov Space of Coupled FM Oscillators

Paper presentation at Linux Audio Conference 2013.

Fish variations

Generalizing a tiling into hyperbolic variants.

Rolling torus

Looping without energy loss.

Stroking curves of constant width

An approximation for relatively narrow widths.

Weaving a torus

out of strips of paper

Interior coordinates in the Mandelbrot set

another representation function

Rectangles on a triangular lattice

always contain a multiple of 4 triangles