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Website updates

Improved mobile experience.

MIDI network between Linux and Amiga

Small tools in C for Linux and Blitz Basic 2 for Amiga to transfer files over serial MIDI link.

Sounding DIY III: Vitalist Materialism

RDEX in group show at Hop Projects CT20, Folkestone, UK, curated by Laura Netz.

Ultimate Anti-Buddhagram

Two ways of rendering the 4D Mandelbrot/Julia/Buddhabrot hologram.


Group show featuring Dynamo, and Clive workshop, in Zagreb, Croatia.


Text-mode audio file viewer.


Extract channels of EXR files.


mathr&netz perform with hardware synthesizers accompanied by psychedelic fly vision projection.

Haar wavelets

Haar wavelets → energy per octave → energy per octave over time → audio fingerprint

Fixed-point numerics

An arbitrary number of limbs before and after the point, for higher precision within a limited range.

Making KF fast again

An extra branch is floated out. Plus SIMD to make it even faster.

rounded 0.2 and 1.0 released

Properly rounded floating point numbers of arbitrary precision via MPFR.

EVA London

Conference paper: At the Helm of the Burning Ship

Harmonic Protocol

Feedback amplifying tones according to the level 7 semitones away.

Algorave Elephant

Algorithms are infecting discos and ruining lives.


An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram, designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional scene from a two-dimensional image.

Exhibition photos

Photos of exhibition at Chalton Gallery, by Pau Ros.

Sonic Electronics Festival

Open call for talks on sound arts, live audio-visual performances, and live 4.1 music.

Audioblast Festival #7

Festival of sound creation using the internet as a venue for diffusing live experimental, drone, noise, field recordings, sound poetry, electronic, contemporary music, ...

One-Off Moving Image Festival

One second long movies on the theme of humans vs nature.

15 years of TOPLAP, London

Celebrating 15 years of live-coding, part of an international multi-day streaming event.

IFS fractals in Inkscape

A multiple copy reduction machine via linked images.

Implementing a 4-pole hi/lo DJ filter

Morphing a Butterworth filter between low pass and high pass.

LiveCodeNYC in Exile at New River Studios

An afternoon of live coding at New River Studios, London.

Pure-data in the browser using Emscripten

Compile a modified libpd and pure-data to HTML, Javascript, Web Assembly.