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unarchive-1.0 released

Download items and collections from the Internet Archive.

Running Zoom in a virtual machine

For security sandboxing. Challenges and solutions.

Shut Down As A Service

What if a systemd boot service units were to shut down the computer?

MIDI network between Linux and Amiga

Small tools in C for Linux and Blitz Basic 2 for Amiga to transfer files over serial MIDI link.


Group show featuring Dynamo, and Clive workshop, in Zagreb, Croatia.

JACK on top of Pulseaudio

In which the usual heirarchy of audio APIs on Linux is inverted.

Throttling processes by GPU temperature

Stop when it's hot, continue when it's cooler.

Setting up a Tor gateway

"Snooper's charter" bill becomes law, extending UK state surveillance.

New website, new beginnings.

ppmtoy4m debottlenecking

350% speed boost, woohoo!

Video encoding tips

I think I found that a better way.

Encoding PPM/WAV to Ogg Theora/Vorbis

There must be a better way.

Random tiling wallpaper with fbsetbg

Random tiling wallpaper with fbsetbg

/etc/fstab line for less sucky vfat USB pen drive

udev provides a /dev/disk/by-id/ unique to each drive.

Semi-automatic downloading from the Internet Archive

The icky world of XML, XSLT and Bash.

USB digital camera as non-root user in Gentoo

udev permission wrangling.

Two-pass DVD encoding

A recipe for success.


DVD production using a Free Software toolchain.

Kernel Oops: kswapd0 exited

Journalling filesystems (hopefully) to the rescue.

Time to upgrade everything

gcc bug 16625

Dual-head and TV-out on an ASUS W3H00N

Xorg configuration on GNU/Linux/Gentoo with ATI hardware.

Installing Linux on a 386 with 4MB RAM

smalllinux2 with uClibc/buildroot

Converting Amiga IFF 8SVX sound files to WAV on Linux

Find and execute.

Apache2 can't start because no wireless access points found!?

How I fixed it.

Fun with proc, grep, and sed

Making a system monitor.

LogJam Linux LiveJournal Client

Testing the software with Blurty.

I'm installing Gentoo

4 Linux installs on 1 computer, why that sounds like a fine idea!

xargs is handy

More flexible than wildcards.

Encoding to AVI from multiple JPEG images and WAV audio

Using mencoder and avidemux2.