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I'm installing Gentoo

Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Freed up a 20GB partition to install onto
  2. Downloaded and burnt to a CD the install-x86-minimal.iso
  3. Booted from the CD
  4. Mounted the partition as /mnt/gentoo and activated swapping
  5. Used links2 to download the stage2 archive for my architecture, along with its checksum and the same for the latest version of Portage
  6. Verified the checksums and unpacked the archives to the right places
  7. Edited make.conf for reasonable settings (nothing drastic beyond disabling X/gtk/gnome/qt/kde in the USE flags)
  8. chroot'd into the semi-installed Gentoo partition
  9. emerge --sync

And right now I'm half-way through "emerge --fetchonly --emptytree system" which is downloading all sorts of stuff to be installed with "emerge --emptytree system" immediately afterwards. Then I need to configure and compile a kernel, and then the tricky bit - getting the Grub bootloader set up correctly. Tricky because I already have Win$oze and Red Hat 9 and Debian and Fedora Core 3 installed already, and I can't remember which partition is the one that is actually used...

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