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A new place to live

On Wednesday I signed the tenancy agreement for my new flat - two rooms plus kitchen and bathroom. It's awesome, I thought I would be stuck in a bedsit. It is unfurnished apart from cooker and fridge, so I need furniture, and hopefully I'll get some next week - thought about going tomorrow but seeing as my dad is off work all week for half term I can use him for transport every day, and bank holiday will be too busy for my disposition. Then a frantic week of sorting out water, gas, electric, phone, internet, insurance, tv license, etc etc, before moving in. A bonus is that it is 15mins walk from my parents' house, but a downside is that I'll have to carry my bicycle up the stairs if I want it to be sheltered from the rain. That is pretty much the only downside though, so I'm pretty damn pleased :-D

The Rasterbator is awesome, I printed out a Julia Set to cover one wall (90 sheets of A4), I'm thinking what to put on the other walls. Any ideas? Day Of Dub

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