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mightymandel v14

Lots of changes in a short space of time.

mightymandel v12 - now twice as fast!

Sometimes simple approaches are better.

mightymandel updates galore

Automatic glitch correction, zoom sequence rendering, tiled rendering for high resolution or anti-aliasing, ...

Automatically finding external angles

Trace a number of probe points in the atom domain.

Making seasonal cards with Snowglobe

Combining saved flake images using command line tools.

Exponential mapping with Kalles Fraktaler

From many raw 2fold zoom images to one long strip.

Faking distance estimate colouring

A modified bump-mapping approach.

Adaptive super-sampling using distance estimate

Subdivide only near the boundary.

Navigating in the hairs

Around embedded Julia sets in the Mandelbrot set.

A ball bouncing down steps

Physical modelling.

Practical interior distance rendering

Using Newton's method.

Resurrecting Spiders

Fixing code from 1992.

Converting fractions to strings of digits

With integer, preperiodic, and periodic parts.

Rubber Dinghy Rapids

Simulated inflatable physics.

ReCode Project - Topographic Form animated

Reimplementing computer art from the 1970s, part 4.

Jellyfish T-Shirt

Multicoloured spray paint stencil.

Clockpunch Theorems

Do the hands of clockpunch ever form a regular hexagon?

ReCode Project - Exploitation Quantitative...

Reimplementing computer art from the 1970s, part 3.

ReCode Project - Topographic Form

Reimplementing computer art from the 1970s, part 2.

ReCode Project - Traveling Through the Square Series

Reimplementing computer art from the 1970s.

Isometric experiments

Pencils at Bore Place.

Art group

7 weeks of experimentation.

Perturbation glitches

Rebasing from a reference point.

Mandelbrot Notebook

Handwritten notes on various properties.

I'm not made of money

Currency manipulation.

The Core

Organism coda.

Haystack Situations podcast

Your daily dose.

Linear time is so overrated

The future is unwritten (or is it?).

Untitled Poem

Based on a true experience.