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Ten years of Algorave

Algorave is made from "sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive conditionals".

Smoltech events

The greenest technology is the one you already have.

FaB Co.Lab 2021

Co.Lab Sounds is back again with Fringe Art Bath for their 2021 festival!

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents Sonic Electronics

Streaming performances this Saturday.

Transnodal TOPLAP livecode stream

A long weekend of live coding performances + talks + more, for TOPLAP's birthday.

Ommatidia at CUNA, Mexico

Free registration required, online performance February 6th, MX and online.

Ommatidia at Piksel Festival

The 18th edition of the Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies, November 19-21 2020 in Bergen (NO).

Ommatidia at STWST48x6 MORE LESS

The 6th edition of the 48-hour showcase extravaganza from Stadtwerkstatt.

IKLECTIK presents OsCiLlaTioNs

Summer solstice music festival marathon fundraiser, streaming online.

FaB Co.Lab

Co.Lab Sound experimental test bed for collaborative live and sound art at Fringe Arts Bath online festival.

Sounding DIY III: Vitalist Materialism

RDEX in group show at Hop Projects CT20, Folkestone, UK, curated by Laura Netz.


Group show featuring Dynamo, and Clive workshop, in Zagreb, Croatia.


mathr&netz perform with hardware synthesizers accompanied by psychedelic fly vision projection.

EVA London

Conference paper: At the Helm of the Burning Ship

Algorave Elephant

Algorithms are infecting discos and ruining lives.

Exhibition photos

Photos of exhibition at Chalton Gallery, by Pau Ros.

15 years of TOPLAP, London

Celebrating 15 years of live-coding, part of an international multi-day streaming event.

LiveCodeNYC in Exile at New River Studios

An afternoon of live coding at New River Studios, London.

ArtFutura 2018 London

Screenings, talks, performances, London, late November 2018.

Global Algorave (Sheffield)

Probably the world's first two-room Algorave, with an international line-up of top notch live coders and algorithmic producers.

Sounding DIY (Split)

My a/v work Puzzle is part of a group show, 6th-22nd August 2018.

free_art_-_source (Rijeka)

Jul 6th-13th 2018, opening Friday July 6th, 8 PM, at Filodrammatica Gallery (Korzo 28/I, Rijeka)

LAC Sound Night

Linux Audio Conference Sound Night in Berlin.

Art In Flux

Video screening at the Art In Flux Exhibition this week in London.


Toulouse Hacker Space Factory #9

Algorave Algosix

104 live streams of algorithmic dance music+friends over 72 hours.

GULCII at FARM (Oxford, UK)

A code recital performance in untyped lambda calculus.

Noise in the Shed

Four hours of Noise in the Shed! From 4pm till 8, part of Smash it Out.

Algorave London

Algorave is a combination of "algorithms" and "rave", the opportunity to dance to alien rhythms and freaky visuals, all created from code before your eyes.

Violations III at Cafe OTO

Performance with 'clive', supporting Dirty Electronics, and modular sets by Eden Grey and Suso Flores + Crowley Engel II.

Audioblast Festival #5

Networked diffusion of experimental, drone, noise, field recording, sound poetry, electronics...

Monotone at MADATAC 08

January 12th to February 5th, Centro Conde Duque, Madrid, Spain.

Conditional x Algorave

Live experimental electronic music, 17th November, London.


A camping festival for hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, and crafters.

Noizemaschin!! London #8

Multi-artist live noise music night.

Computer Music at New River Studios

Another live gig.

Nebulullaby Launch

Live music at the launch of a vinyl compilation album.

Even Salon Either/Or

Talks and performances.

Lyapunov Space of Coupled FM Oscillators

Paper presentation at Linux Audio Conference 2013.


evolve noisy expressions

OpenLab London OpenNight #13

performance with mutually-modulating FM oscillators

/dev/art Paris #12

invited artist talk and performance

New website, new beginnings.

LiWoLi 2011

LiWoLi 2011



RDEX at Piksel

RDEX at Piksel

Mandulia at AngloHaskell 2010

Lots to think about.

OpenLab OpenNight 6

OpenLab OpenNight 6

OpenLab OpenNight 5

OpenLab OpenNight 5

GDS Expo


Kiblix Maribor

Free software art festival: workshop, installation, performance...

noise=noise presents The Basement Series

Wednesdays in August, 7pm @ The Foundry, 86 Gt Eastern St, Old St Tube, London, UK

Linux Audio Conference Club Night

Linux Audio Conference Club Night






Extending PureData with Haskell.


4th-11th November 2006 / London UK

Mr Juice Is Coming

Mr Juice Is Coming

In Two Short Weeks...

Upcoming gig.

OpenLab#2 Free Software Audio/Visual Performance

Sunday 2nd April 2006 / London UK

Back home after Make Art 2006

Fun with Free Software, art, and snow.

make art 2006

make art 2006

Placard London (this Saturday!)

Many many hours of live music from noon to the early hours, bring you own headphones style.

Busy Busy Busy

Cellular Automata in Javascript

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Radio series resumes.


Inside Outside album released, and Swings And Roundabouts at Openlab#1