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Even Salon




In Either/Or the principle of exclusivity undergoes détournement by a diverse range of invited participants to either celebrate as its 2-state logic cuts across a stacked earth, or contest such sovereignty in precipitating each ghostly flip or flop glimpsed struggling against its brutal foreclosure.

In an evening of unemployable expenditure, from the trauma of the binary to its ontic co-constituency, Either/Or includes talks and performances by ...

My contribution takes the form of some experimental voice processing software:

Alice and Bob have a conversation, where Alice's live voice is replaced by Bob's recorded voice, and Bob's live voice is replaced by Alice's recorded voice. The replacement is at best imperfect, but hopefully Alice and Bob can communicate on some level.

It takes place at Apiary Studios (458 Hackney Road London E2 9EG), on Saturday April 30th 2016 from 7:30pm 'til late, tickets £3.