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mandulia-0.8 released

Updated to work with current Hackage.

Lua on FreeDOS

How to compile Lua 5.4.4 using Borland Turbo C 2.01 on FreeDOS 1.3.

FaB Co.Lab

Co.Lab Sound experimental test bed for collaborative live and sound art at Fringe Arts Bath online festival.

Sounding DIY (Split)

My a/v work Puzzle is part of a group show, 6th-22nd August 2018.

Puzzle on Raspberry Pi

Experimental OpenGL driver used by Pd and Gem with PdLua seems to work mostly fine.

New website, new beginnings.

pdlua has a new maintainer

The Lua embedding for Pure-data.

mandulia-0.7 released

Now hopefully more easily installable.

mandulia-0.5 released

mandulia-0.5 released

mandulia-0.4 released

mandulia-0.4 released

MarkIII Demos

MarkIII Demos



ray42 as a Lua package using tolua

ray42 as a Lua package using tolua

pdlua-0.5 released

Now supports Pd's [value] and [table], and Lua's require().

pdlua-0.4 released

Bug fix release with incompatible API changes.

GraphGrow realtime preview

GraphGrow realtime preview

pdlua-0.3 released

New features: sends, receives, clocks, static build.

pdlua-0.2 released

Incompatible changes but upgrading recommended.

Loader for writing Pd externals in Lua

SWIG and hand-coded wrappers.

Lua + SLab = SLuaB

A tiny-but-powerful high-level language ideal for the reimplementation of SLab