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Lua + SLab = SLuaB

This week I installed Linux on a 386sx with 4MB RAM, and I found a lovely tiny-but-powerful high-level language ideal for the reimplementation of SLab. The C++ version I started got bogged down in a mess of complexity and annoyance, but Lua's lexical scoping solves a lot of problems of having to have pointers all over the place. And minimus (my 386sx) is not capable of running a C++ compiler. Anyway, here is SLuaB (there's an mp3 you can listen to if you're not keen on program code).

It's been a while since I last posted - the gig on April 1st went well, I was a bit panicked and not everything went according to plan, but it was a lot of fun. Since then things have been moving swiftly in certain areas of my life - I might have a new place to live soon, with all the attendant responsibilities and obligations, it's going to be a shock moving out from the family home after so long here. I'll cope I'm sure.


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