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Inside Outside I finally finished off my album Inside Outside, it's been up on for a week or so but I've been too busy/too lazy to post here. Dunno what style you would call it, it's all sequenced non-vocal electronica with beats and melodies and stuff. When it was done I scribbled down the main musical ideas, because I've given up on using Windows and commercial software in general. I uploaded the diagrams along with the audio and the master Reason .rns files, feel free to remix. Free and open source is where I'm at now, it's very liberating, eventually I plan to get it together to be able to perform some of the Inside Outside stuff live.

I met up with (well, joined I suppose) a collective of digital audio/visual artists called Openlab - we all use free and open source software. It was interesting seeing how others use software, lots of cool stuff. They're hosting a night at The Foundry (the address is right at the bottom of the page) on April 1st, at which I've been persuaded to play a 20min live set. It's my first gig, so I'm pretty nervous/anxious/terrified, but the closer it comes the more inevitable it seems and the less worth worrying about. Making live digital music is what I have wanted to do for at least 10 years, so I'm looking forward to it. At the gig I will be performing with my SwingsAndRoundabouts Pd patch, controlled by my Fostex Mixtab (MIDI controller with lots of knobs to twiddle). Here's a screenshot:

Swings And Roundabouts on Pure-data portal

RedZeroRadio breakcore broadcast last night on ResonanceFM

motherboard 1 audio