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Floating point with extended exponent range

For when you need really big numbers without high precision.

Fractal Channel Hopping

Infinite fractal television zoom

Hospital drawings 2015

Stress overload...

Adventures with radiosity

Porting rrv to OpenGL 3 for a 30x speed boost.

Modes in a box

Comparing the measured frequency response of a room with algorithmic predictions.

Möbius Infinity

Square cross-section lemniscate of Bernoulli, with a twist.

Calendar 2015 - Gradient

Interleaved overlap-add with five colours.

Two spirals out...

Sculpting patterns in the Mandelbrot set.

Approximating cosine

9th order polynomial is both faster and more accurate than table lookup.

Biquad conversions

pole-zero -vs- direct form 2 -vs- pure-data

Modes on a plate

Solving sparse eigensystems with Octave.

Calendar 2015 - Two Beetles Meet Where Land Meets Sky

Distance estimated Newton fractal for a rational function with zeros at {1, i, -1, -i} and poles at {-2, 2}.

Calendar 2015 - Lozenge

A grid of squares getting smaller at the edges. is closing, hosting myself from now on


Adding noise improves image quality during quantization.

Bandlimited wavetables

Borrowing the multi-resolution technique from OpenGL mipmapping.

Interpolating Moebius transformations

Using 2x2 matrix diagonalisation.

Misiurewicz domains

An extension of atom domains to preperiodic points.

Newton's method for Misiurewicz points

Rejecting lower preperiods instead of checking later.

mightymandel v16

Sliced rendering, improved glitch correction, reduced video memory usage, and more.

Calendar 2015 - Wedged

Playing Tetris optimally badly.

Writing a CV with LaTeX

Custom fonts, colours, hyperlinks, and visible URLs for printing.

Calendar 2015 - Dandelion

A shadow of the Mandelbrot set formed by periodic external rays.

External angles of Misiurewicz points

Numerical investigations, hoping for a combinatorial revelation.

Calendar 2015

A selection of images from the last few years.

mightymandel v15

Big bad bugs been debugged, and nifty features added.