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If you're wondering where all the action is...

Low-latency Disco

Porting a technique from Deep Disco to disco/designer

unarchive-1.0 released

Download items and collections from the Internet Archive.

IKLECTIK presents OsCiLlaTioNs

Summer solstice music festival marathon fundraiser, streaming online.

FaB Co.Lab

Co.Lab Sound experimental test bed for collaborative live and sound art at Fringe Arts Bath online festival.

Barry (postfix bytebeat)

Fed up with counting brackets, I adopted postfix-notation. Now I am fed up with counting stack items...

Website updates

Improved mobile experience.

MIDI network between Linux and Amiga

Small tools in C for Linux and Blitz Basic 2 for Amiga to transfer files over serial MIDI link.

Harmonic Protocol

Feedback amplifying tones according to the level 7 semitones away.

Pure-data in the browser using Emscripten

Compile a modified libpd and pure-data to HTML, Javascript, Web Assembly.

Clusters 3D

Endosymbiosis simulation leads to sticky boid-like flocks that behave like super-organisms.


Secure connections with Let's Encrypt

Mandelbrot symbolics in the browser

Haskell compiled to JavaScript with GHCJS.

Annual archives

Because ~300 posts linked from one index is obese. is closing, hosting myself from now on

2,405,518,376 flies can't be wrong

The web is good for spi(d)e(r)s.

Style update

Feeds made more discoverable and colour scheme adjusted.

A roadmap for distributed Mandelbrot set rendering

Some notes on various aspects of design and potential implementation.

New website, new beginnings.

Abstract Mandelbrot tree

abstract Mandelbrot tree

Konstrukt 3

Konstrukt 3

Translation Networks

Translation Networks

Major CMCMS feature enhancements

Context-aware navigation and hyperlinking.

Konstrukt 2

Konstrukt 2

Kiblix Maribor

Free software art festival: workshop, installation, performance...

rdex-server demo

rdex-server demo

Full text of recent posts

Implemented using Javascript.

Full-text RSS feeds

By popular demand.



Per-tag RSS feeds

New feature.



Website update

New engine.

GraphGrow: SVG + JavaScript

GraphGrow SVG JavaScript

Website updates

Spring cleaning.

Feed your head

Media feeds and more.

Semi-automatic downloading from the Internet Archive

The icky world of XML, XSLT and Bash.

Non-standards-compliant browsers make life hell

CSS vs IE6 box dimensions

Yahoo Flickr violates Creative Commons licensing? (probably not...)

Different pages for different people.

Ruby On Rails has_and_belongs_to_many id gotcha

Remove 'id', no primary key in association table works ok.

Have You Heard The Good News?

Long awaited furniture.


That's a lot!

Podcasting Is Go! (beta)

A simple PHP script for indexing as RSS with enclosures.

Joining GOTO10!

I feel like I've come home from a long journey.

Busy Busy Busy

Cellular Automata in Javascript

LogJam Linux LiveJournal Client

Testing the software with Blurty.