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Rollover 2017

Another arbitrary counter rolls over, hooray.

Setting up a Tor gateway

"Snooper's charter" bill becomes law, extending UK state surveillance.

Speculation on biological computing

Interesting times...

New website, new beginnings.

Your Tone Is Antagonistic And You're Making Me Very Angry

Even more dubious equations.

7252% APR means I need a new ISP

Dubious equations.

Kicking over the traces

On Forbidden Consecutives

"Don't You Have A Licence To Play This?"

Phonographic Pseudo-extortion Limited.

"Find It, Rip It, Mix It, Share It - Come And Get It" - Why I Won't

The Creative Archive License has a UK-Only clause.

Beyond Satire

The 9th blade cuts your face right off.

ISO C99 const qualifier madness

"Phenomenally stupid" quotes one observer.

No! to Software Patents

It's OK to grant a time-limited monopoly on some things, and it's out of the question for others