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7252% APR means I need a new ISP

On 3rd April a google search for pipex wtf yielded about 24,100 results. Today (25th April when I ran the search at about the same time of day as the 3rd) it yielded about 31,200 results.

( 31200 / 24100 ) ^ ( 365 / ( 25 - 3 ) ) * 100% = 7252.102298% APR

That is the rate at which the ISP I was unfortunate enough to have signed up with is going downhill. Their latest example of incompetence is corruption or deletion of files in mine and others of their customers' webspaces, not telling us about it, and hiding the status announcement deep in their site when it should be accessible within one or two clicks from the front page. So, if anyone has any suggestions for a reasonably priced UK ISP for 1Mbps ADSL, with no unfair usage policy and no bandwidth caps or arbitrary throttling of various services, then please let me know.