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Non-standards-compliant browsers make life hell

CSS vs IE6 box dimensions

Openlab Openday 2005-12-11

Interesting presentations and performances.

Installing Linux on a 386 with 4MB RAM

smalllinux2 with uClibc/buildroot

Yahoo Flickr violates Creative Commons licensing? (probably not...)

Different pages for different people.

Dice Photos

Q: What happens when you have a pair of dice, a digital camera, some left-over black card, and are bored?

Dice Music

Another day, another Album-A-Day.

6am Mix

Music to wake up to.

Fun With Sed

Pure-data's readanysf~ isn't perfect, so decode to WAV using Sed to preserve directory and filename information.

"Find It, Rip It, Mix It, Share It - Come And Get It" - Why I Won't

The Creative Archive License has a UK-Only clause.

Ruby On Rails has_and_belongs_to_many id gotcha

Remove 'id', no primary key in association table works ok.

Soft Rock EP

Mutually-modulating oscillators.

Converting Amiga IFF 8SVX sound files to WAV on Linux

Find and execute.

The Death Of Music

Worn out MP3 player.

Anti-Aliasing with Gridflow

Go large for high quality.

Beyond Satire

The 9th blade cuts your face right off.

The Joy Project

A unique interactive DVD.

Placard London 2005-09-10

My set went wrong but you can listen back.

Openlab Clear Spot on ResonanceFM

A discussion with recorded music as well as live sets.

Placard London (this Saturday!)

Many many hours of live music from noon to the early hours, bring you own headphones style.

Amiga Jams

Jam sessions from 2000.

Have You Heard The Good News?

Long awaited furniture.

Pharmacy Cock-up (again)

It's all just a little bit of history repeating.


That's a lot!

Podcasting Is Go! (beta)

A simple PHP script for indexing as RSS with enclosures.

Joining GOTO10!

I feel like I've come home from a long journey.

Apache2 can't start because no wireless access points found!?

How I fixed it.

Fun with proc, grep, and sed

Making a system monitor.

ISO C99 const qualifier madness

"Phenomenally stupid" quotes one observer.

Busy Busy Busy

Cellular Automata in Javascript

My First Visual Art Commission (with artwork!)

Large portion of file.

My First Visual Art Commission

Responded to a poster calling for works.

Pharmacy Cock-up

Temporary disaster.

D'ohPaint Resurrected

Fixes crashes but features are lost.

I'm out of CaB Photoshop Tennis 2005

Ggetting as far as I got is pretty good going, I think!

The Placard Headphone Festival

GOTO10 vs Okno vs LePlacard.

Audio-Visual Bonanza

Phase3, Scanned, Robin Lustig, Moonlight Lens Flare, Sierpinski Circles, Photoshop Tennis, Flickr,

No! to Software Patents

It's OK to grant a time-limited monopoly on some things, and it's out of the question for others

Going offline...

Nearly moved.

Moving is laborious

Plumbing problems and heavy lifting.

Spam can hide nasty secrets...

Investigation of a presumed malware.

LogJam Linux LiveJournal Client

Testing the software with Blurty.

A new place to live

Contract on a flat.

I'm installing Gentoo

4 Linux installs on 1 computer, why that sounds like a fine idea!

Pd Tip #1: use [trigger] to order multiple connections from an outlet

Avoid undefined behaviour.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Radio series resumes.

xargs is handy

More flexible than wildcards.

Encoding to AVI from multiple JPEG images and WAV audio

Using mencoder and avidemux2.

Lua + SLab = SLuaB

A tiny-but-powerful high-level language ideal for the reimplementation of SLab


Inside Outside album released, and Swings And Roundabouts at Openlab#1


A textual dataflow language for audio processing.


Apprehension regarding self-sufficiency.