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Placard London 2005-09-10

It was awesome, so many performances, it's hard to remember them all. The ones I enjoyed most were a guy playing guitar and singing, and towards the end he started cutting up the clothes he was wearing, and another one with a guy doing god-knows-what in the carpark with various items mic'd up. And the last track of the night was a Jamie Oliver cut-up, which made me laugh. Oh, and Liberation Jumpsuit's 'Simon Says' was great fun too, and so many others.

My set was a disaster, I lost count of the things that went wrong (no crash, though), but I uploaded it anyway:

ClaudiusMaximus - Placard London 2005-09-10 - roxr.w (WaveBoy Live Mix)

ClaudiusMaximus - roxr.w (WaveBoy Live Mix)

JoyDVD demo audio track 5

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