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mandulia-0.8 released

(Actually because Hackage complained about 0.8 in a way that cabal check didn't warn about before uploading.)

A new release of mandulia (a zooming visualization of the Mandelbrot Set as many Julia Sets, with Lua scripting support) is installable from Hackage:

cabal update
cabal install mandulia

After you have installed it, you can try it out by running:

mandulia main

and hit the 'a' key to enter attract mode or use the key controls listed in the README for interactive navigation. 'F11' toggles full screen mode, and 'ESC' quits.

mandulia- has no new features, the only changes are to make it work with the current state of Hackage 12 years later:

  • base-4.6 has modifyIORef'
  • containers-0.5 has Data.Map.Strict
  • hslua-0.4 and above changed API, so restrict to older versions

Tested and working with latest stable versions of GHC from ghc-8.0.2 up, only ghc-9.4.2 needs --allow-newer=text because OpenGLRaw has an outdated dependency. Older versions of GHC may work, but I haven't tried. I have freeglut3-dev installed on Debian Bookworm (current testing distribution), but I don't know what other system dependencies are needed.

Source code is GPLv3+ licensed, Git repository at mandulia on, or you can download mandulia-