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Mandulia at AngloHaskell 2010

I presented Mandulia at AngloHaskell 2010 last Friday in Cambridge. You can download the slides (PDF) (with some large images). Unfortunately the live demo didn't go according to plan (I conjecture I may have upgraded the kernel without then rebooting and reinstalling the OpenGL drivers), spitting out a freeglut context creation error message, but luckily I had a video file as backup so I could show something at least!

I was particularly impressed by the audience, lots of questions that helped me to clarify things that are quite awkward (for me at least) to explain on my own. Simon Peyton Jones asked a particularly poignant question, asking why I had chosen Lua as the embedded configuration and scripting language instead of Haskell - I suppose now I should do a side-by-side case study and see if the reasons I chose Lua over Haskell were justified or not.