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mandulia-0.7 released

A new release of mandulia (a zooming visualization of the Mandelbrot Set as many Julia Sets, with Lua scripting support) is installable from Hackage:

cabal install mandulia

You could also enabling additional optimizations, but these are known to break on some systems:

cabal install mandulia -ffast -fSSE4

(omit -fSSE4 for CPUs that don't support SSE4 instructions).

After you have installed it, you can try it out by running:

mandulia main

and hit the 'a' key to enter attract mode or use the key controls listed in the README for interactive navigation.

mandulia-0.7 has some small visual enhancements, including reduced jitter for smoother animation (at a cost of one frame additional latency) and minor new features including accessing runtime statistics from Lua scripts. mandulia-0.6 (if you're wondering about the version number jump) fixed the small bug mentioned in the release announcement for mandulia-0.5.

Source code is GPLv3+ licensed, Git repository at maximus/mandulia on Gitorious mandulia on, or you can download mandulia-0.7.tar.gz.