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Setting up a Tor gateway

"Snooper's charter" bill becomes law, extending UK state surveillance.

Finding parents in the Farey tree

An application of the extended Euclidean algorithm.

Conditional x Algorave

Live experimental electronic music, 17th November, London.

Monotone at Mozilla Festival

Black-and-white flame fractals synchronized with rich ambient drones.

Edinburgh bark

Thirty trees in the botanical gardens.

Calendar 2015 - Lyapunov FM

Image from 2013 LAC paper, Lyapunov Space of Coupled FM Oscillators.

Calendar 2015 - Hyperbolic Fish

A Euclidean tiling generalized into a hyperbolic one.

Calendar 2015 - Elpis

A computer-aided drawing using conformal mapping and hyperbolic tiling.

Raspbian in QEMU

Booting Raspbian Jessie in QEMU, some notes.

Puzzle on Raspberry Pi

Experimental OpenGL driver used by Pd and Gem with PdLua seems to work mostly fine.


A camping festival for hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, and crafters.

Approximating cosine (update)

Claims of total superiority were premature.

Shades of Gray

Five-bit Gray code rotary encoder.

Plastic rectangles

The non-trivial partitioning of a square into 3 similar rectangles.

Nebulullaby Launch

Live music at the launch of a vinyl compilation album.

Calendar 2015 - Loxodrome

Exponential spiral on the Riemann sphere.

Vector Buddhabrot

Tracing the boundaries of hyperbolic components.

Collatz fractal

Piecewise integer recurrence translated to complex function.

Complex squaring

Benchmarking three different implementations.


Secure connections with Let's Encrypt


Physics-based ray-tracing in curved space.

Simpler series approximation

When thinking a bit harder beats elaborate computer code.

Julia morphing symmetry

Rotation numbers in angled internal addresses are significant.

Calendar 2015 - Sayagata Loop

Hyperbolic variation of Sayagata tiling pattern.

Annual archives

Because ~300 posts linked from one index is obese.