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Noizemaschin!! London #8

UPDATE: Noizemaschin!! London #8 recordings are online at Bandcamp.

I'll be playing live at Noizemaschin!! with my BitBreeder software for evolving noisy expressions:

Noizemaschin!! London #8 : July 11, 2016

This July Noizemaschin!! is here to help see you through the long, otherwise noiseless summers for our eighth installment in the London series!

Entry: £5


  • MOAN - Industrial atmospherics and ambient soundscapes of machine harmony
  • BitBreeder - Evolutionary systems of noisy expressions, audio cross-breeds and mutations
  • Tristan Burfield - Lo-fi chip tune created from NES hardware
  • Project Mycelium - Twin electric guitars and live laptop electronics
  • Non-Bio - Rhythmic noise and circuit-bent electronics with audio visuals accompaniment
  • More to be announced!

Venue is the Amersham Arms in New Cross, London UK; doors 7:30pm - I'll be on first. Each set is short (10mins or so) segueing into the next.