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Calendar 2015 - RDEX

Reaction-diffusion simulation.

Calendar 2015 - Lung

Interlocking space filling curves.

Calendar 2015 - Donut

Conformal torus with five colours.

Calendar 2015 - Lyapunov FM

Image from 2013 LAC paper, Lyapunov Space of Coupled FM Oscillators.

Calendar 2015 - Hyperbolic Fish

A Euclidean tiling generalized into a hyperbolic one.

Calendar 2015 - Elpis

A computer-aided drawing using conformal mapping and hyperbolic tiling.

Calendar 2015 - Loxodrome

Exponential spiral on the Riemann sphere.

Calendar 2015 - Sayagata Loop

Hyperbolic variation of Sayagata tiling pattern.

Calendar 2015 - Gradient

Interleaved overlap-add with five colours.

Calendar 2015 - Two Beetles Meet Where Land Meets Sky

Distance estimated Newton fractal for a rational function with zeros at {1, i, -1, -i} and poles at {-2, 2}.

Calendar 2015 - Lozenge

A grid of squares getting smaller at the edges.

Calendar 2015 - Wedged

Playing Tetris optimally badly.

Calendar 2015 - Dandelion

A shadow of the Mandelbrot set formed by periodic external rays.

Calendar 2015

A selection of images from the last few years.