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Nebulullaby Launch

UPDATE my set diff-cast is online to read/listen.

I'll be playing live with clive at the launch party for the Nebulullaby compilation. Saturday April 23rd 2016 from 4pm til late at Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG.

Press release:

Nebulullaby An Interstellar Cloud of Dust is a compilation that takes the lullaby genre into the realm of experimental electronic music, assembled from an open call for experimental lullabies launched in May 2014.

The compilation includes tracks by well-known artists as well as first releases, with material on vinyl from d.R.e.G.S, 0xA, xname, Erich Barganier and Samuel Hertz and an expanded digital edition containing tracks from Thor Magnusson, Robert B. Lisek, Repl Electric, Claude Heiland-Allen, Marta Zapparoli and more hand-picked gems from the experimental techno, noise and electroacoustic scenes.

The record guides the listener through eerily echoed music boxes to experiments in a syncopated 8-bit berceuse, with detours into clean planes of glassy textures, dives into opaque amniotic drones and concentrated, tender yet ominous moments, such as the sound of beating hearts against saturated, distant washes of feedback. Composed for Nintendo, Atari, Pure Data, Supercollider, D-Box, tape recorders, as well as ultraStethoscopes or using radioactive materials, these recordings treat the lullaby genre as an example of consciousness-altering music.

Nebularosa is a new London-based record label publishing experimental noise, techno, industrial and algorithmic electronic music that challenges the established modes of music production, releasing music in vinyl and digital download.

Available for pre-order via from 13th April 2016 Vinyl release 23rd April 2016 + release party and performances at Apiary Studios, Hackney Digital release 1st May 2016

Event details:

23 April at 16:00 to 24 April at 02:00 in UTC+01

Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, E2 9 London, United Kingdom

Tickets Available

Nebularosa Records 01 Party

[NEB01] Nebulullaby An Interstellar Cloud of Dust

experimental electronic lullabies

from April 23rd in vinyl and digital download

| 4pm - 2am |

::ROOM A::
d. R. e. G. S. - live
Repl Electric - live
Samuel Hertz - live
Claude Heiland-Allen - live
S/I/S/S - live
xname - live
Shelly Knotts - live
nAX_Acid - dj set

A Play for Babies - live
Nebula - live
Gisela Frick - live
Miguel Ortiz - live
Alo Allik - live
Caterina Barbieri - track
Steph Horak - track
NEB01 - lullabies compilation
Nebulullaby workshop compositions

event+vinyl+digital = £15
event+digital = £10
event+track = £5
or pay what you want
kids free+1

d.R.e.G.S. aka Yves Degoyon
Musician, experimental sounds produced with Pure Data.
Author of open-source software for real-time processing Unauthorized PD and P.i.D.i.P.

Repl Electrics
Joseph Wilk uses software programming as a form of performance art. He controls in real time graphics, hardware and sound that respond to the space, the crowd and the moment, finally creating a form of poetic engineering.

Samuel Hertz
Composer and performer, he studies electronic music and composition with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, James Fei and Chris Brown, among others. He also performs with Chicago-based performance collective ATOM-r.

Claude Heiland-Allen
London based artist and musician interested in exploring the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, unusual geometries, and mathematical aesthetics.

S/I/S/S :: SonicSoul vs Sound Interventions
Patrizia Carlota and Mona Mock, two Gong Practitioners trained at ‘The College of Sound Healing', will presents ‘Gong Bless You’, a Gong concert inspired by deep listening practices, performed in total darkness.

Her live compositions transform light and other electromagnetic frequencies in sound waves through self built synthetisers and complex semi chaotic machines. Breaking open the circuit, she will magnetise you into an hypnotic and synaesthetic noise-techno illusion.

Shelly Knotts
Live coder and performer of network music, she will fill up the dance hall. Her work is published on Chordpunch record label, Absence of Wax netlabel and in Leonardo Music Journal.

nAX_Acid aka Andrea Ruffino
Dj and producer of deep minimal, acid and Detroit techno. His label Aconito Records produces atmospheric techno voyages of experimental minimal and ambient electronica since 2007.

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A Play for Babies
"Zoë Darling and her Dad" have performed musical cabaret in various art events in London since 2005. Zoë Darling now lives and works in Switzerland developing her work as a performer influenced by Butoh dance and her Dad lives in Hertfordshire and teaches children music. They will make an interactive adaptation of the piece "Lullaby for insomniac parents".

With her taste for syncopated rhythms, noise and repetitive melodies, she will transfrom the room in a surreal carillon. Sounding objects, microphones, ultrasthetoscopes along with her deep voice, you won't forget this performance easily. Debut of the youngest talent in town.

Gisela Frick
aka Satansonatas is a collage artist in sound, vision and spoken word. Born in Santiago, Chile and currently based in London, mainly performs and composes with zithar, voice, distortion and portable hardware and software.

Miguel Ortiz
Mexican composer and sound artist based in London, he explores a vast array of performing mediums ranging from traditional acoustic instruments such as cello and trumpet, to laptop improvisation, performance with bio-instruments and hyperinstruments.

Alo Allik
Esoteric coder and composer, he calls noisefunk his attempt to depart from repetitive musical structures of most electronic dance musics, injecting chaos within order or order within chaos.

Caterina Barbieri
Italian composer and performer of electronic music, her minimal approach explores primary waveforms, voltage controlled oscillators and the polyphonic and polyrhythmic potential of sequencers. She is interested in the perception of time, space and sound spectrum in vertical music.

Steph Horak
Sound and video artist, Horak reframes mundane and common experiences in immersive, dreamlike settings. She now focuses her musical work on the development of improvisatory systems for voice.

Concept, curation and production: Eleonora Oreggia.
Production assistant and space design: Alessia Milo.
Spacial sound design: Christopher Wood.
Live sound engineer: Charles Poulet.
BB animators: Ellen Freed, Susannah Phillipson, Veronica Rossi.

Supported by Arts Council England, Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, Atau Tanaka and MetaGesture Music, European Research Council.

Should be a good time!