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Annual archives

I finally got around to paginating the archives of this website. I decided to archive per calendar year, because ~300 posts linked from the one master index with lots of thumbnail images was getting a bit much. The master index of everything is still there at everything.html if you want to quickly grep for something you remember but don't know the year of.

If you're using the engine (CMCMS) for your own site then you should be careful when upgrading, in case you have tags named after years (or literally "everything" or "index") all hell might break loose, possibly including data loss. Try a dry run on a backup with the config changed to a local directory that isn't live in production, perhaps.

For expediency I hard-coded a list of years, matching my use case (2006-2016), I should fix it to extract the years used by the page collection but that might take some time, and changing a couple of constants in a few places each time January 1 arrives is not such a big deal to me.

Some old links from elsewhere might now be partially broken (file still exists, but is missing the content for the relevant #anchor), but I doubt that will be a big problem, it would only happen with links to the index.html which is now a symlink to 2016.html