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binembed-0.1 released

binembed-0.1 released

The first release of binembed, a tool to embed data into object files with higher level interfaces to access from languages such as C and Haskell with more to come (patches welcome), is installable from Hackage:

cabal install binembed

After you have installed it, you can try it out by installing an example from Hackage:

cabal install binembed-example

which will print out the sources for an example. Run:

cabal unpack binembed-example
cd binembed-example-0.1

to get the sources in a more digestable format and try out the C implementation.

Source code is BSD3 licensed, Git repository at binembed/binembed on Gitorious binembed on, or you can download binembed-0.1.tar.gz or binembed-example-0.1.tar.gz.