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hp2pretty-0.1 released

hp2pretty hp2ps

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I recently wrote about graphing heap profiles, and now it's easier to try out my work-in-progress hp2ps rewrite as I uploaded hp2pretty version 0.1 to Hackage. Currently it has no options and works as a filter from heap profiles to scalable vector graphics, for example:

hp2pretty <in.hp >out.svg

Some rough benchmarks on a huge (37MB) .hp file give almost identical timings for hp2pretty and hp2ps, though hp2pretty does use more memory. I haven't yet benchmarked the more common case of small .hp files.

The code is available at hp2pretty/hp2pretty on Gitorious hp2pretty on, or you can download hp2pretty-0.1.tar.gz, or you can get it with cabal install hp2pretty.