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Major CMCMS feature enhancements

v0.1 separate configuration file

The hardcorded paths have nearly all been removed, in favour of a configuration file mechanism which should make CMCMS more useable outside this particular website.

v0.2 go go gadget gallery

CMCMS can now generate thumbnails and accompanying XHTML from a directory of images. Other minor changes in this version include renaming the output RSS from '.xml' to '.rss', and the abandonment of the Javascript that grabs the full text of more recent posts on post list views.

v0.3 a maze of twisty passages

The browsing experience has been vastly improved, with hyperlinked anchors and contextful/'zipper'-like navigation. The authoring experience has also been vastly improved, with a new command to generate templates for posts. Minor changes include tag cloud and stylesheet fiddling, along with proper by-date sorting (instead of by-name) and various internal restructuring.