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gmndl-0.1 released

gmndl-0.1 released

A Mandelbrot Set explorer implemented in Haskell using GTK/OpenGL/libqd, with (currently) only one control (left-click to center and zoom in). Multple render threads use higher precision maths at higher zoom levels.

Available from Hackage:

cabal install gmndl

Suggested usage:

gmndl +RTS -N -qa -RTS --width=640 --height=480

Future releases (probably around December) will provide a more fully-featured user interface.

libqd provides double-double and quad-double number types for C++, with C and Fortran wrappers. The qd Haskell package is still in its infancy, though it is good enough for gmndl there is still missing functionality - hopefully I'll find time to fix this (though probably not until December). You can get the BSD3-licensed source code repository from hsqd on Gitorious hsqd on, but I haven't got around to publishing the GPL2-licensed source code repository for gmndl yet.