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Seems too long since I posted. Christmas was a bit of a disaster, I was pretty down and spent most of it asleep, missed the Christmas dinner and all that. Dip ended soon after, in time for New Year's Eve, which wasn't spectacular, a fairly jovial gathering with a few friends. Then another, longer, dip, with 3 appointments in a row missed, leading to CPN visiting yesterday.

The dips in my mood are mostly due to the looming prospect of moving out from my parents. The prospect scares me, because when I have these dips I tend to sleep all day and thus miss food shop opening hours etc. And would then go hungry, if there weren't a fridge stocked by someone else. Another factor is that I don't like being around people much at all, unless I know them really well. So moving to a place with people I don't know, and being around them for long periods is likely to make me freak out, like how I dropped out of that photography course I started after the first day because I couldn't handle being around people for 6 hours one day a week.

This is all pathetic, I'm 23 years old.

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