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Fun with proc, grep, and sed

First, the facts:

  • /proc -- a filesystem containing information about the computer and OS etc
  • grep string file -- print out lines from file (or stdin) that contain string
  • sed s/pattern/string/ -- replace pattern in stdin by string

Now the application:

echo "CPU MHz: $(grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo | sed 's/cpu MHz\t\t: //')"
echo "CPU C:   $(sensors | grep CPU\ Temp | sed 's/CPU Temp: *+//' | sed 's/ C.*(.*).*//')"
echo "Mobo C:  $(sensors | grep M/B\ Temp | sed 's/M\/B Temp: *+//' | sed 's/ C.*(.*).*//')"

This is a simple CPU speed and temperature monitor, handy for my new laptop to check everything is tickety-boo :-) Some output:

$ ./ 
CPU MHz: 1600.467
CPU C:   48.5
Mobo C:  46
$ ./ 
CPU MHz: 600.175
CPU C:   50.4
Mobo C:  47
$ ./ 
CPU MHz: 1600.467
CPU C:   50.6
Mobo C:  47

These tests show that the CPU frequency scaling works, changing as the need requires with the ondemand policy (I'm installing Apache and PHP, compiling needs lots of CPU power, but downloading doesn't). I will do a full update about my new laptop once I have configured everything well enough :-) Suffice to say, it rocks!

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