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My First Visual Art Commission

A while ago I saw a poster at the local community mental health centre, asking for artists to contribute works for the new building they are moving to at the end of the year. I dutifuly signed up, and went to the meeting, met the other artists. We all had different work to show, some paintings, some drawings, and I had my hand-drawn fractals and cartoons and stuff (most of which are on my website). I've decided to produce my artworks for this digitally, because I don't have the patience any more with pen and pencil, and hopefully they'll be more durable - my pencil and pen stuff has faded terribly in the last few years. They said they'd pay for materials, so I need to find out how much it costs for A3 600dpi colour printing on good quality paper. If anyone knows, please tell me!

Chris Morris Music Show 1994-12-26


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