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"Find It, Rip It, Mix It, Share It - Come And Get It" - Why I Won't

In theory, the BBC's (and others') Creative Archive is a wonderful idea. But.

The main problem I have with the Creative Archive License is the UK-Only clause. It kills. Anything containing Creative Archive content is not allowed to leave the UK unless special permission is granted. If I make a music video using Creative Archive material, I can't email it to a friend in Germany or the USA - no distribution outside the UK allowed. If I perform live with Creative Archive material as source material, I can't go abroad and perform using the material even if there is no recording made - no use outside the UK allowed.

The second problem I have, is the No Endorsement / No Derogatory Use Clause. That basically rules out using Creative Archive content to make anything that has a point to it, which basically rules out making anything really worth keeping. Art without message is merely decoration, and decoration is nice but you get bored with it after a while.

So no thanks, Creative Archive License Group, you can keep your content. I'll stick to Creative Commons licensed material, because I can do what I like with it, anywhere I like with it.

Shove It

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