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I'm out of CaB Photoshop Tennis 2005

So here are the matches I took part in:

Round 1: ClaudiusMaximus vs Big Jack McBastard

Big Jack McBastard pulls out of the tournament citing lack of time to play.

Round 2: ClaudiusMaximus vs Derek Trucks

Votes are cast, result: ClaudiusMaximus : 10 - 9 : Derek Trucks

Round 2: ClaudiusMaximus vs jutl

Votes are cast, result: ClaudiusMaximus concedes defeat when the score reaches around 16 - 2 in jutl's favour...

The full archive of this year's tournament can be found here: CaB Photoshop Tennis 2005

EDIT 2020 the images seem lost in time...

ClaudiusMaximus - Inside Outside

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