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Audio-Visual Bonanza

I just finished a re-do using Pd of a track I originally did with OctaMED, took about the same amount of time to finish, you can download it: Phase3 (10MB). The original Phase1 and Phase2 can be found as part of Seven Color Torus.

I've been working on my Scanned patch, which is now doing some funky stuff with Markov Chains (where the probability of each choice of what to do next depends on what we did in the recent past). At the moment it sounds something like this: Scanned (2005-07-11) (excerpt) (7MB). This next one I entered into the monthly contest at the Soulseek Records community site with no hope in hell of winning: Scanned (2005-06-22) (excerpt) (7MB).

I got a fancy new DAB radio back in April, and it can record. So on 5th May I set it recording for a good long while, and out of it I made this: Robin Lustig Works Too Hard. Tools used were mp3directcut and Audacity.

My remix of Mike Oldfield's Moonlight Shadow is now online again: Moonlight Lens Flare (10MB). This one was made with Pd back in the autumn, as an entry to a contest on TFBFM internet radio (sadly no longer with us).

I've been fiddling about with Gridflow as usual, done a Sierpinski Circles fractal.

Excitingly, and surprisingly, I'm through to Round 3 of CaB Photoshop Tennis 2005. I got knocked out in Round 1 of the previous two tournaments, and I haven't done much creative image editing work in the past year at all.

The windows of my flat seem to be prime wildlife viewing platforms, highlights from the recent sightings are found at my Flickr photostream. I got a garden bird identification poster on Sunday via FreeCycle, which has already helped me identify a brief visitor (too quick for the camera) as a waxwing - very pretty bird, lovely tuft on the head. FreeCycle is great, got some stuff you don't need anymore, give it away to a stranger who needs it; in need of something, maybe a stranger has that something going spare.

ClaudiusMaximus - Phase3 (2005-07-11)


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